How many people do you onboard each year?

How many people do you offboard each year?

Do you manually create and remove Office 365 accounts for them?

Do you manually assign different Office 365 licenses depending on the hire?

Do you manually create an Active Directory account for each hire?

How much time do new hires waste in the first week due to systems and access not being ready? (Hours)

What is the avg. annual salary of your IT staff?

What is the avg. annual salary of a new hire?

Do the hiring staff request software for new hires that's not really needed?

What do you estimate is the cost of this per hire?

Do new hires raise helpdesk tickets due to incorrect access or other issues related to starting?

How much IT time does this take per new hire on average?

Is there an automated process for when people leave the organization?

Does Active Directory Access need to be disabled and later removed?

Do you manually manage all Active Directory tasks such as reassigning direct reports, moving to retired group etc?

Do you need to manage a checklist for hardware returns to IT & HR?

Do you need to set email forwarding on some occasions?

Do you need to set out of office messages on some occasions?

Do you manually hide the user from the Global Address List (in Outlook) ?

Do you need to manually communicate to managers that the person has been terminated properly in the system?

Do you have other systems that could benefit from auto-populating?

Please list the systems

How much time does it take to populate these systems per new hire? (hours)

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