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Find out how your Intranet performs when benchmarked against key criteria. You will receive a personalised report with expert insights as to how you can improve your score and turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace.

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Do people regularly visit the intranet?

Is information on your intranet presented so its easy to comprehend?

Does your intranet look great?

Can you count on the intranet to have reliable information?

Is your intranet responsive? i.e. adjusts for desktop, tablet and mobile

Does your intranet provide personalisation options e.g. Links that are just for you?

Does it allow you to locate and contact people in your organisation?

Can people share inspiring stories, news or announcements?

Are you and your colleagues excited and interested in your organisations intranet?

Are events that are relevant to you displayed?

Does it display your organisations Facebook or LinkedIn posts?

Is your intranet easy for non-technical people to update?

Is it clear who is the author/contact for particular content?

Are there dedicated people / teams responsible for the intranet?

Does your executive team regularly publish  content on the intranet?

Do the executive team understand the benefits of a Digital Workplace?

Are the executive team active in encouraging people to access the intranet?

Is your intranet well organised so even a new starter knows where to find what they need?

Can you easily navigate through the site?

Does search return the results you need?

Is the Search experience regularly reviewed and improved?

Is social collaboration available? E.g. Yammer, Sitrion, Facebook for business, Jive.

Can you access the intranet outside the office?

Does the intranet facilitate collaboration on projects?

Is there reporting functionality available such as dashboards?

Does it contain purpose built applications that automate processes?

Is there a knowledge base?

Do you have an intranet upgrade planned this year?

What is the most compelling reason for having an awesome intranet in your organisation?

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