Approximately how many polices and procedures are in your organisation?

How many staff in your organisation?

How long does it take to create a policy or procedure?

How much time could potentially be saved per procedure if the process was streamlined and automated?

How many hours per week is spent double-handling unnecessarily during the creation process?

How much time per week per staff member is spent searching for policies and procedures?

Are your staff regularly creating new policies or procedures?

Does your organisation have a clear procedure creation process that doesn’t rely on manual notifications?

Are there multiple copies of the same policy in existence, some of which are out of date but still in use?

Is it clear who has made what change to published policies and procedures?

Is there a clear approval process in place?

Do you have different processes for creating multiple types of policies and procedures?

Do staff forget to include certain key information in policies and procedures?

Does your organisation struggle to keep all all procedures across the business up to date?

Do you have different processes for creating multiple types of policies and procedures?Are your procedures stored in a clear systematic way that makes it easy for searching and managing?

Do the procedures in your organisation vary depending on the teams they are for?

Are there "escalated" cases due procedures not being followed?

Do you believe some of your policies and procedures have not been updated in over 12 months and should be?

Are your long term staff holding procedural knowledge in their heads and without them your organisation would be exposed?

Is it possible that incorrect or out of date procedures are being used in the organisation?

Is it difficult to collaborate on the creation of procedures and policies?

Would management benefit from a dashboard showing the status of procedures being created?

Would your new staff benefit and understand your procedures more clearly from a centralised procedure management solution?

Is your organisation at risk of breach of compliance, or failing an audit if certain polices and procedures are not correctly followed?

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